I just cannot get over how gorgeous the pendant is!! When my mom described it, I could not visualize
what it really looked like and my jaw dropped yesterday when I saw it. My friend Gina wants one too.
She loved hearing the story about Amy.
Laureen M.

The site, story and heartfelt work that you are doing in Amy's memory is such a beautiful thing!!
Charlene P.

Today at my parents house after we had opened all our gifts, my mother said that she had something
special to give us. We all put the pendants on right away! What an absolutely beautiful tribute to keeping
Amy's memory alive. I will wear her pendant and always keep her in my prayers.
It was the highlight of our Christmas.
Sherry L.

Amy's heart of love is a very touching story. It's a remembrance of Amy that I will always treasure.
June C.

The pendant is really beautiful and every time I wear it I will certainly think of your family and Amy.
It was my favorite Christmas present!
Nancy H.

My Mom loves the pendant. She shows it to everyone!!!
Ron C.

I love the pendants!!!! I love the courage you have shown to continue life's journey with inspiration.
Suzanne A.

I absolutely love my necklace and others have fallen in love with it too! It's a great positive look!
I smile every time I look at it! I love to touch it while I'm wearing it! I'm calling because my boss
would like one for his wife.
Alice B.

My grandson Henry (3 yrs.) was looking at my necklace last week. Not just a quick look but said Grandmasita I see...and he listed all the colors to me....he said 'this is pretty'....for about two minutes he held it in his hand (still around my neck) and was looking at it....I was wondering if your daughter , Amy, was looking down as I felt it was a very special moment.
Nancy H. (lost 17 year old son to leukemia)

I love my necklace. I receive many compliments and two friends have also decided to order one as well. One has a son that is a cancer survivor. My 6 year old daughter is named Amy, and the necklace is a reminder--every day--of how precious our children are. Thank you and best wishes to your family.
Pamela N.