The Cross    
"Practice those little, humble virtues which grow like flowers at the foot of the cross helping the poor, visiting the sick, and taking care of your family, with all the tasks that go with such things and with all the useful diligence which will not let you stand idle… Great opportunities to serve God rarely present themselves, but little ones are frequent."

St. Frances De Sales 1567-1622
Those words spoken by St. Frances De Sales remind us of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who said always do "small things with great love." Amy had the privilege to meet and be blessed by the diminutive Sister of Charities in June of 1995. Mother Teresa came to visit one of her convents in our area. Amy had just graduated and was part of a delegation from Bishop Stang High School that attended the Mass in Mother Teresa's honor.

Since we've been promoting Amy's Heart of Love, we've had people ask if there was a millefiori cross. Because of our Christian faith, when our time on this earth is complete, we believe that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be united with Him and with all those we've loved and lost. We've decided to add the cross to the collection.

We enjoy sharing Amy's 'divine sense of humor' regarding her meeting Mother Teresa,
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