The Dolphin    

While Amy was in her first remission, she was able to attend one year at Johnson and Wales University. For her birthday on September 13th, I made a deposit to her checking account and called to wish her a happy day. She said, "Thanks Mom! Now I can go get my tattoo!"

"OH.........AMY.........NO!!!!!!!!" My desperate plea was dismissed. Despite my objections, the next time she came home, discreetly on her hip were three dolphins swimming in a circle.

The Dolphin is Hasbro Children's Hospital logo. This lovely Millefiori dolphin is .925 sterling silver and is accented with turquoise resin. Its beauty reflects the warm affection Amy had for Hasbro Hospital and all of their staff. I do believe that is why she chose the dolphins. Anyone who has spent time there can tell you it truly "becomes a part of you".

God bless everyone at Hasbro Children's Hospital.